This page is for demonstration purposes only. It shows how easy to break windows LMhash. Engine uses rainbow tables technique with all digits, latin, special characters and space.

Just put your hashes into form and submit them. System gonna check if they are already in database, and show you plaintext if they are (instantly). If not you have choice to crack them.

Cracking takes from 3 minutes to few hours depending how many hashes you submit at ones. One hash shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to get plaintext. It's good idea not to submit more than 20 new hashes for cracking at ones.

After waiting some time just resubmit your hashes and check if they are cracked. You can also check status page.

If cracking process is running at the moment, your hashes have to wait in queue for next run.

At the moment engine uses 16 Xeon threads (if needed) and 2GB RAM. Hope you enjoy it.

You can consider donating for my energy bill. 1$ is about 24h of hash cracking.